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A new experience is almost here. The growth of Union has made it necessary to relocate and hence operate in an environment that provides comfort for all. The new office complex is very close to completion. Take a Tour
GPHA Credit Union new office complex design

Higher Yields

Being member-owned generally allows the rate of returns on savings accounts to be higher and the interest rates on loans to be lower than at a bank. We pass "profits" we make directly back to members

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Easy Loans

Long Term Loan, Short Term Loan, Special Loan, Education/Funeral. These are designed to ensure that loan granted meet the borrower’s needs and asses his ability and willingness to repay without incurring risk to the credit union.

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Customised Savings

We offer two types of savings - member savings and withdrawal savings. The objective is to mobilize savings from members with the purpose of ensuring that members build up a savings for a better standard living both now and future.

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Excellent Service & Unlimited Support:

GPHA Co-Operative credit union is your sure path to escaping financial stress. As pioneers in the industry, we have built a unique characteristic by helping members achieve their goals in cost-effient ways.

GPHA Credit Union - your reliable partner

Credit union membership is a lifetime benefit. Once you become a member, you can remain a member even if you change jobs or move to another area of the country.