About History and Profile

The unique history GPHA Credit Union

GPHA Credit Union was started in 1979, originally with members of Staff of Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority as the nucleus. It began to open up to the neighbourhood and the Community in the early nineties and now has Members from all over Takoradi and beyond. All manner of persons including children can be Members.

The Credit union holds General Meetings with the Members annually where all Members are expected to attend and partake in the discussions. It is governed by the Committee system, which are elected from the general membership at the General Meetings, these are the Board of Directors, the Loans and Supervisory Committees.

Together, by joining resources, the principle of sowing and reaping could really flourish. Each individual was actually helping the entire membership earn more on savings, and save more on interest when making loans.

Our cooperative effort could actually be summed up in the phrase:
"Not for profit, not for charity, but for service." With more than 36 years of experience serving members, we’re proud of our strength, stability, and history as a member-owned financial institution. And we’re equally excited for what’s next. Today, more than 5,000 people, from all walks of life, enjoy the benefits of membership in a credit union that is worth over billion in assets.

Maxwel Sarpong

Richard Acquah
Vice Chairman

Adelaide Panford

Lawerence Akularke

George Nunoo

George T Tidakbi

Henry Opong